Friday, 17 March 2017

Kento Ankokuden Cestvs Ch. XLIII, Survival: Shounen S no Kiroku Ch. 6 & Yuzumori-san Ch. 16.1

A few things today.

First up we've some Cestvs.

Then some of the Survival remake, this should hopefully be more frequent from now on.

I also need to redo the first five chapters at some point.

And then the latest chapter of Yuzumori, next chapter will be on the 27th. As I think I mentioned before the second volume came out last week, and I got my copy the other day. Much like the first volume there's one bonus chapter included, which I'll look into getting done once the eBook's released.

This is also something I need to get some v. 2s up at some point for but eh, the road to hell and all that.


  1. Thanks for all your work on Yuzumori.

    Is it just me, or does the chapter seem to end very abruptly after just 10 pages?

    1. It's just a very short chapter this time around.